Monday, October 01, 2007

New Week, New Month

It is the final week of the School Holidays here and finally the sun has come out, although we needed the rain.

Josh and Teagan have more on this week than they did the first week. Today Mum and Dad are taking them out, then tomorrow they are off to the movies and Wednesday we are going to lunch at my Cousins. So hopefully that ends the 'I'm bored, theres nothing to do'

Well finally we had some movement on our far it has been one muck up after another and our house keeps getting delayed....fingers crossed our garden plans will be approved by Council this week (they have been knocked back twice) as that is all we are waiting on for the builders to start...grrr. Yesterday we dragged the kids out to the display home so I could physically see walls etc, as I was having some concerns about furniture really did help and then we popped by the block to see what the other houses we up to. We were shocked to see that we have a tap all plumbed in at the front of the block. We can't wait to see everything else start.
I am sure from where ever you live you will here me cheering with joy when we get the phone call that everything is approved and building is


melanie harris said...

Thats great to hear that you are closer to starting the house building. Will you be able to move in before baby is born?

Chrissy said...

Can't wait to start seeing some piccies of the new place as you build Mel! It's all so exciting.

Love as always
Chrissy xx

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