Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back to School!!!!

Well Josh and Teagan headed back to School on Monday, neither of them that excited. I think they liked the staying up late and sleeping in. Back to routine, early to bed and early to rise again.

Well what have we been up to.

Well on Saturday I went to Scrap 'n Chat, it was lovely to catch up with the girls from Bon's. I only did one page, to much talking...lol

Sunday we went for a walk around our Estate, looking at all the houses that are going up and hoping that at the end of the month ours will be starting. I also was grabbing a dose of Vitamin D, as my blood tests showed that I was low in both Vitamin D and Iron, so have been put back on Meds to bring these up. It has me a bit stressed out as I had the same problems while I was pregnant with Rani, and even though deep down I know that it is unlikely, I can't help thinking that it could happen again.

I have booked in for my 20 week scan in November, so looking forward to seeing bub again.

Well not a lot else has been happening, or that my baby brain can think of. I have finally joined Facebook after a number of invites. Still trying to work it out, but if you are on it say HI!


Chrissy said...

Oh love I can just hear your voice as I read your words. Let us know how the scan goes ok, have to admit I'm still grinning here big time that you have another blessing on the way! :)

Love to you and your beautiful family sweetie
Chrissy x

connie said...

facebook hay..... ME TOO...lol..
i set it up ages ago but thats as far as i got!!
off to find you now


Melanie Harris said...

I hope the medication brings your Iron and Vit D levels up and you have nothing to worry about.

Hope your weekend was nice, Im jealous that you get to scrap with Bon and Charm.

Sarah said...

I was fearful with my third after what Anna had to go through, even though it was unlikely. Of course, Alex was jaundiced and I freaked out full force, but this time it was just newborn jaundice. Praying for a beautiful pregnancy and healthy baby.