Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank You

for your lovely comments, emails, SMS's and pink candles that we saw on Blogs in memory of our little angel, it really is appreciated.

Well Saturday was quite a busy day, we wanted to keep a normal as possible routine for the kids - so the went to WuShoo - karate - in the morning, then we went out to see Rani and then they had a birthday party to go to.

On Saturday night my whole family all went to the Coach and Horse for dinner. It is great as we can sit and chat and there is a huge playground so the kids can play and not be bored. We had a few drinks for Rani and a lovely dinner and check out Josh and Teagan - they had free face painting in the playground.

Fathers Day was a pretty quiet day, kind of highlights that we don't have one of our children to give Daddy a kiss. Josh and Teagan came down and gave John their presents and then we went upstairs and gave Dad his present, went for a drive, did a bit of shopping and the day was over.

Tuesday was Mark's Funeral - John went by himself as it was late in the afternoon and I couldn't get back in time to get the kids. :(

Then that night everyone came to Mum and Dad's for a BBQ (kind of late Fathers Day) as some people had to work. Heaps of food we were so full, lots of laughs and just general chit chat.

Here is Dad with Josh and Teagan (can you tell that my dad hates having his photo cooking the BBQ with his BBQ apron that my brother got him for Fathers Day.


Leisa said...

Mel - my thoughts are with you too. I followed Princess Rani's journey through Chris M's blog and my heart goes out to you and your family.

melanie harris said...

Their faces look great, are you going to scrap those pictures?

Anonymous said...

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