Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Lovely Night

Firstly thank you for all the lovely comments and emails we have got about this pregnancy, they have all been lovely. Also thanks to Teagan's teacher and Miss K who bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers for Teagan to bring home from School on Friday when they found out I was pregnant...I was truly shocked and touched by your thought.

We decided not to tell the kids until I had had my 12 week scan, as we told them early with Rani and they couldn't keep their mouths was very cute...I was sitting next to John and called the kids in and showed them the Ultrasound images and asked them what they thought it was. Both of them chimed "rani" as that was the last images they saw...I said 'no' and winked at Josh and saw that he had worked it out and he ran to John giving him a big hug with tears of joy strolling down his face, it took Teagan a little longer and then the penny dropped. With big eyes she looked and my tummy and said 'is that in you'. They were both so excited touching my belly, talking to my belly and the funny thing that after all the dramas we have been through with Rani I asked them both what they wanted and they said they didn't care as long as this one didn't have to go to the Hospital....

OK on to our night. Well as it was John's big 4-0 birthday last week I decided to splurge on his birthday present and booked us a night in the Crown Promenade last night - the plan was we could spend some time together, get some dinner and I would go to the room and sleep (10.30 is my bed time and John could go to the Casino and play Poker, as he loves it.

So we checked into our room at about 2.30, went for a walk around the Casino and Southbank, window shopping and trying to find somewhere to have dinner. Came back to the room and decided to have dinner in the Hotels Restaurant - YUMMY!!! - then went back to the Casino and had a New Zealand Ice Cream for dessert - a yummy ice cream cone...I was full and tired, so John walked me back to the room, got his stuff ready for Poker and headed off.

I took some pics of our room and our view - although we were only on the 7th floor, wish we were higher, but my camera battery has gone flat so will add photos later.

View from the room....and our room

Josh and Teagan love it when we go away for the night, as Nana and Grandpa take them up to Maccas and they eat in and play on the equipment and of course Nana always has


melanie harris said...

You had me in tears with your story of the kids response. Im sure it is still a dream to you all but I also hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

connie said...

your kids are so sweet Mel... you must be oh so proud!!
as said above i also had a couple of tears..

great night at the crown.. but did the poker man win any BIG and house update please... really hanging to know how its all going!!

take care... we really need to catch up...

Inspire_Me said...

sounds like a great night!

Im glad the kids are happy :)

Lynne said...

Wow, Congratulations Mel and John. I heard the news via Liver Families, where Rani is always remembered. Fantastic news, for all of you. I enjoyed reading your story of Josh and Teagan hearing the news. Take good care! Lynne

Trina said...

Hi Mel, you don't know me but I pop by every now and then. Your blog really touched me last year.

And again now. I find myself in tears with the kids reactions.

What joy and I imagine a little bit of nerves? I hope you have a wonderful stressfree pregnancy.