Saturday, August 04, 2007

Our Holiday

A quick run down of our trip.

We left for QLD at 5.30pm on Tuesday 24th July....arriving on the Gold Coast and driving to our Hotel and basically going to

Wednesday morning we went to is the day I realised I have big kids and not babies anymore - they wanted to go on every ride and were both extremely disappointed that they were just that little bit to small for the Superman Roller Coaster and Lethal Weapon Roller Coaster. But neither of them have any fear and with Daddy they went on every ride at Movieworld. Josh and Teagan's favourite was the Scooby Doo ride and they went on it about 4-5 times...the great thing about going off-season is there were no lines for any of the rides.

After doing everything at Movieworld we came back to the Hotel and went for a swim and then we had yummy seafood for dinner.

Thursday and today was Seaworld - I think out of all the theme parks this is the most boring - not really much to do or many rides. We watched the Dolphin show and then went on a few rides. The only problem with going off-season is that rides are closed for maintenance and the whole water park was closed and the Bermuda Triangle wasn't working. So the kids did the Roller Coaster 5-6 times. We went to Shark Bay, saw the Polar Bears and were done by 2pm. We went and got some food for a BBQ, as Dave and Karen were coming over for dinner...We were very excited as it was the first time I was meeting their 2 year old daughter...naughty me forgot to take photos - but we had a lovely night.

Friday was Dreamworld (Today was the day that I started with the first symptons of our colds) We met Dora the Explorer when we entered and got a photo with her, then John and kids headed straight for the Claw...then a couple more rides. I headed to the car as my head was killing me and John, Josh and Teagan continued with the rides. I came back in and we decided to get the $10 return tickets and come back another day. So we drove out to Cedar Lake where we were spending the rest of our break and I had a nana nap - before we headed to Dave and Karens for the night - they made us a beautiful roast dinner, we went for a drive in Daves big truck and hit the beds about midnight - again no photos...naughty - Karen you will have to send some photos

Saturday we had a relaxing day back at the resort, John and kids went out on a canoe, also on the paddle boats and went for a swim in the pool.

Sunday after a lovely sleep in John and the kids went down and hired some golf clubs and had a hit on the 9 holes. It was lovely to sit on the verandah and watch them play golf...certainly no Tiger Woods in my Then we got ready for dinner at John's parent house. We hadn't seen them for almost a year. Again naughty me no photos - Josh and Teagan played in the big park across the road with their cousins Tamia and Tre and we had a huge BBQ was lovely to catch up.

Monday I couldn't get out of bed - my cold was full blown, so John took Josh and Teagan back down to Dreamworld and they had a ball...and my good little husband took some fantastic photos for me to scrap :) and he also called into the pharmacy and picked up some meds.

Tuesday and Josh had come down with the cold. We were meant to be catching up with some friends - but they John took the kids down to the movies and they saw The Simpsons. This is Teagan feeding the ducks and geese that came up to the back door every day at 4pm for some bread. On the first day Teagan was feeding them and put some of the bread behind her back and one of the geese came up and took the bread biting her finger as well, so this is why she is on a

Wednesday and now Josh is still sick and John is also in bed with the Flu...the only healthy one is it was a quiet day at the resort trying to get healthy. Now didn't I say that Teagan was the only one at 2am Josh woke us up to say that Teagan was throwing up - so the whole family was sick!!!!

Thursday - Thankfully today is the day we go went for a drive to Kallangur to show Josh the house he lived in for a little while and also to Redcliffe to show him the Hospital he was born in and then went home. None of us were feeling very bright and cheerful but we had hours to kill. We packed our bags and headed to the airport at about 8.30pm as our flight was meant to be leaving at 9.20pm...but when we got there we were told it had been delayed and hopefully we would be boarding at 10pm.

We finally boarded just after 10 and just as we are about to sit down, Josh throws up...great start to our flight home - thankfully that was it...both Josh and Teagan slept pretty much all the way home and after circling for a little while we finally landed back to the freezing Melbourne weather. We finally had heads on pillows at 2am.

Friday Josh was still throwing up and coughing and Teagan had her worst day of the it was good we were home.

So even though the last couple of days were a blow out all in all we did have a lovely trip away!!!


melanie harris said...

Sorry to hear you all come down with the cold/flu. Not great timing.

All the photos are great, despite the cold, you look like you had a great time.

connie said...

loving all the photos Mel.. look like a great holiday!!.. bummer about getting sick.. hope all is well now..

Chat soon..
cant wait to see these photos scrapped...

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