Sunday, July 22, 2007

It is all ours

well and the

We settled on the land on Friday morning, so the LAND is now officially ours and if all goes to plan we have been told that we have been slated in to start building on September 14th...YAY!!!!

Well my little boy arrived home from Camp of Wednesday night, they were meant to arrive back to school at 5pm, but the buses arrived at closer to 6.30. It was pitch black and a mad dash as the parents were told to find your childs bag while the kids stayed on the bus. I had no idea which of the 3 buses Josh was on, so I thought it best to stand in the middle and watch, but that just happened to be the bus he was on.

He said he had a fantastic time at Soverign Hill and was so excited that it snowed while he was there. They all got dressed up in the old fashioned clothes to go to school. They did the mine tour, saw lollies being made, dipped and made a candle, watched a gold pour, did some leather work and heaps more. He even thought of his sister while he was away and bought her back a lollipop and whistle with some of the spending money we gave him. :)

Yesterday the kids had a birthday party at Bowling and then a couple of hours later John and I picked up one of my Best Friends and went back to their house to meet the kiddies again and have some birthday cake. All the kids get along fantastically, so we ended up staying for some pizza for dinner and left their house at 11.30pm...long day for the kids, they were so tired. They did have one bit of excitement as I got pulled over by a booze bus, they had never seen one before...of couse I knew I would be fine, as I don't drink at all if I know that I am the driver, by Josh and Teagan thought it was cool.

So today I washed heaps of clothes and started packing getting ready to leave the Melbourne cold. behind...can't wait.


Kirst said...

Congratulations Mel and John. I'm glad to hear that it's all moving along well. Can't wait to see the new digs when I'm down over Christmas!
K xx

Charmane said...

YAY Mel!!! You've got the house!!!! It's YOURS!!! Congrats - and what a relief it is for you - hope everything else runs SMOOTHLY for you!!!
How sweet of Josh thinking of his sis!!! Very cute!!!
And I'm jealous of you getting away from this FREEZING cold weather - sure you will have a WONDERFUL time!!!
Love Charmane

melanie harris said...

Thats wonderful news Mel, Congratulations to you and John on securing the land.

Glad Josh had a great time and brought his sister a present back. It sounds like a great trip.

Giovanna Scott said...

WOOHOO Mel!!! Any pics yet??? Make sure you share, pronto!!

The Salisbury Family said...

Congrats on the land Mel, come do my washing when youve finished hey!!


connie said...

Oh sweetie.. thats the best news.. congrats on the land.. adn they are starting to build soo soon!!!.. wont be long now!!!

when do youleave for QLD.. take me with you.........please...............

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

YEAH you have the land, excellent news and Im very jealous as I would love to build!! Its Narelle here from Bonscraps and you have been TAGGED!!! Just pop into my Blog for more info. Hope you Make the CC tonight and chat to you then x

Anonymous said...

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