Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hate the 1st

I really dislike the first of the month - as today is 10 months since we lost our precious little angel and I was very emotional last night, well into the wee hours of this morning. I still feel so robbed and should be out looking for presents for her 2nd birthday rather than getting ready to mourn the 1 year anniversary 6 days after her birthday.

I still can't believe that it is July, this year has just disappeared so quickly, it will be Christmas before we know it. Josh and Teagan are very excited as we go away this

What else..oh yeah, my sister and her boyfriend bought a house yesterday...their first home. They have a quick settlement and move in 30 days.

My other sister is coming home for a couple of weeks in August. It will be great to see her again. She is coming for her Best Friends Wedding, which she is a bridesmaid in. It will also be good to have her home for Rani's birthday and Anniversary for even more closure. I am also glad she will be with family as it would be difficult being all the way over in London dealing with the emotions and no one really able to understand.

I really hope the weather clears up a bit for the school holidays or the kids are going to go crazy...also John goes away tomorrow so it will just be me and the kids and Mum and

Also look at the book my Aunt bought me. I had never seen the book but had seen the fairy costume as the name Rani jumped out at me one day while we were shopping. So just a little more proof that my baby is a fairy. There are some beautiful saying in the book, one of my favourites is "when a baby laughs for the first time in the human world it flies to Never Land and turns into a fairy. Also Rani fairy is special as she is a Water Fairy...Rani loved the water! and she sacrificed her wings to save others in the is a great little book, if only the fairy had black hair it would be perfect :)


Melanie said...

That book is beautiful Mel.
Im sorry that her anniversary and Birthday is approaching, time flies but the pain is always there.

Alisha73 said...

Im so sorry Mel I havent been past your site for a little while as life here has been a little busy. I have been catching up on the Millar life through Trev via John. Im happy for you all that John got the new job and that he loves it too.
Anniversaries of sad things are never easy and for something like losing little Rani I dont think the will ever get easier. You will just eventually learn to live with it. You will have your great days and not so great. Its just good to have the happy memories so you can remember them when not feeling so good.

I hope everything goes great with the house and I also hope you guys have a great and super terrific Holiday.


DenimAngel said...

That book is just gorgeous and how ironic that she is a fairy, little things like that are just amazing. Thinking of you on the 1st.

Nurse Nyngan said...

Hi Mel
I lost my mum on August 22 last year and i feel exactly the same on that date every month. People tell me that it is meant to get better but honestly i miss her more every day. It took me a long time before i was able scrap my mum and even now i find the pages i do, i prefer to keep private rather than show others, i guess its my way of keeping her memory close to me. Keep up te good work, you are an incredible mother!

Sarah ( aka Nurse Nyngan)