Friday, June 01, 2007

Good and Bad

So I have had an up and down week since my last post. So I am just going to ramble stuff in no order!

Bit miserable today I hate the 1st of the month as it is the monthly anniversary of Rani's passing - so today is 9 months and still not easier in the least bit.

On Sunday we took Josh and Teagan out to see Rani as neither of them have been there since December - it was very sad for them both - Josh really doesn't like being there at all and we don't push them - it was there idea to go and we took them...

Also getting excited as we settle on the land at the end of the month and then hopefully things will start happening on our block - none of us can wait to see the house being started...

Also busy redeeming points from credit card/ fly buys for tickets into Theme Parks when we come up to QLD next it is just accommodation and car hire and everything is organised..but I guess they are the 2 biggest things that haven't been

On Wednesday night I had a girls night out and went to a Girlfriends house for a yummy roast and catch up with other girlfriends - it was a great night, lots of laughs and yummy food - thanks girls :)

I am still in shock that it is June already - this year has just flown before you know it, it will be Christmas...this year need to slow down just a

Well not a lot else has been happening...been freezing down here lately..but the rain has been great as we really need it but the ducted heating is working overtime to try and keep us all warm, hopefully Dad will put the fire on soon and lucky us it is downstairs where we are so we should be toasty warm...

Well thanks for reading my ramblings :)


Tassie Deb said...

Pleased you had a nice time with the girls Mel.

It will be exciting when your land settles.

Take care Mel

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo

bon said...

well exciting stuff coming up :)
QLD and a house! WOO HOO!

Jenny said...

Hi Mel,

I haven't popped in for a while...just 'stuff' going on is all.

Glad to see you are scrapping again. I love seeing your work.

Pleased to read you are focussing on you. If we lose us, then it all just goes to bits. Hope you can find a few more things that make you feel 'YOU'. Hope there are more 'Girls Nights' planned. We all need a few of them every so often.

Fantastic that you finally settling on the land and you can be making really solid plans for the house.

Tis good that the kids have asked to visit Rani. Just sometimes it is nice to 'go'.... IYKWIM. I have hardly been out to see Mum and Dad since we laft them there. Just something I can't really do.

Fab news on the upcoming holiday. There'll be plenty to do and see and the kids will have a ball.

Hope you have a great day just doing whatever it is !!

Tons of hugs to you all,