Sunday, March 04, 2007


Long time no chat...although not a lot has been happening here, so not a lot to share.

John and I did just get back from a night in the City staying at the Stamford Plaza...we went into the Casino for some dinner and to walk out with a win - well John the trip was ruined when we got in the car to find out that we had a flat tyre...more annoying was the fact that the Valet had driven the car around the block to us and didn't tell us and that we were in the car for about 10 metres before we realised something was wrong...

Plus of course pretty much all of my spare time is being taken up with Run 4 Rani...the support for this has been amazing and we have had pledges of over $1000 already and Steven isn't running until April still time to sponser or grab a raffle ticket :)...just click on the link in the post below...

Been cleaning out my scrapping area...trying to create some sort of storage / access area in my shelves so I can see exactly what I have so I have put a heap of my stuff up for auction...check them out here.

Hopefully once this Run is done and things have settled down a bit I will be back into the swing of things...I haven't even been scrapping!!! and should hopefully have some exciting news to share :)

See Ya!


Chrissy said...

LOL I was just about to sms you love since I hadn't heard from you for a couple of weeks!! I've been to the Stamford too on a girly weekend away to Melbourne a lifetime ago LOL so wishing I could do that again, fond memories...

I still have to donate to the big run your bro is doing (he's such a special guy to do this!) next pay I'll have it organised. ;-) We were doing so well and then the starter motor in the 4WD had to be replaced this week (read here we broke down and had to walk home!), bummer, what is it with cars atm hey?!! Grr!

Love ya heaps babe!
Chrissy xx

Kelley said...

Hi Mel

So glad to hear that everything is coming along great for the run. Thanks for the beautiful card of Rani that you sent to me with my tickets it will be treasured forever.
Keep up the GREAT WORK.
Rani would be so proud of all of you.

Alisha73 said...

Hey Mel,

Sorry to hear about the flat tire but i sound like you had a good time beforehand..and you guys needed it.

Hope all is going well.

Anonymous said...

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