Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Well here is a pic of our land. Thank youeveryone for your well wishes. I am starting to get excited about it all now. Today we went out to the builders display showroom and picked our colours for the walls and outside, bricks, roof tiles, stone bench top, glass splash back...the list goes on and was so much easier having it all in one place and being that this is the 3rd house we are building we kind of know exactly what we are after and makes the decision alot all that is left is carpet and floor

Well this is our big of land. I have used Josh, Teagan, John and the car as the markers for the post. I don't know why the pic makes the block look wonky as it is a perfect rectangle!

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER STEVEN...well it was on Friday...he broke his diet for his training for the run for some Freddo Ice Ceam Cake!

Also sadly Scrap Yourself Silly is closing down...I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Member of their CT Team. :(

Well Mum seems to be getting better with her broken leg and crutches...she is not driving me insane to much everything must be done her family and friends have been dropping in to relieve her boredom, as she is going stir crazy sitting on the couch with her leg raised. Next week she gets her proper cast put on and should be able to move around more...I hope!!!

Oh yeah...did anyone see Australia's Got Talent a couple of weeks ago...the one with the guy that put his whole body through the tennis racquet...well that is John's cousin Al..amazing but freaky at the same can see more here.

Well that is about it around here...thanks for popping in and leaving messages I really do appreciate it :)


Chrissy said...

Oh sooooo YAY about the block Mel, it's super exciting isn't it! :-)

Your poor mum, she must be going stir crazy. Happy b'day to your wonderful brother too, that cake is too cute! LOL

Hugs as always love!
Chrissy xx

connie said...

Congrats Mel and John on your new BLOCK.. your own piece of dirt

And a big happy bday to your bro!!!...

Take care Mate..

catch up soon

Chris Millar said...

The block looks excellent Mel!

I bought some raffle tickets last week, could you let me know if you received the money via direct deposit please.

Shelley said...

Congrats Mel and John on the Purchase of your Own Block of land.

Love the Freddo Cake too, so cute!

Take Care,
Shelley Turner.
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Tassie Deb said...

Sowwy Mel - I have been super slack lately and havent visited :(

Take care

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo