Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not being rude!!!

I have got my computer back from it being updated (Thanks Trev :) love my new fast puter) but unfortunately i have lost all my emails and contacts addresses etc....(I am sure there is probably a way to find them, but I haven't worked it out...lol...or am I just to lazy to write everyones emails again..hehe) so if you have emailed me recently I am not being rude I just don't have your email or your address to email you....so if you have time can you please pop an email to me, so i can have your addy again.


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Alisha73 said...

Mel, I hope you like the new puter..poor John was still here when I got home from work..I told him to go home and I would bring it around but he wanted to give it to you..which is fair. If you look on the old machine you will find all your old stuff still there, it will just take some writing done of email addresses :-(. Give us a yell if you need anything done.