Saturday, February 06, 2010

I {heart} today

my hubby Cuddles from Mummy that make everything better

Cuddles from my baby girl, just because she wants to. :)

and finally Bon's Scraps...without Bons and their girls I wouldn't be scrapping as often as I do and I love when I get to catch up with the Melbourne Girls and the laughs and support from the forum :) - loving Game On 2 - so many Challenges and making me scrap so many ways I would never think of...if you haven't joined check out Bon's.


Charmane said...

Hey Mel! gosh you and your kiddies photos are sooooo cute!!!

You are next on the blogtrain and your word is:


all aboard... our next stop is:

Love Charmane

Jane said...

perfect things to {heart} Mel, your kids are so cute :)

Linda said...

Gorgeous {hearts} Mel :)

Rachel said...

Super cute photos. I {heart} them too!

Nicole said...

gorgeous pics Mel


Kristy said...

Very nice photos Mel.

Sue said...

Your {hearts} are perfect. Just a quick stop on my travels.

Mal said...

hey mel, how are you feeling? hope the iron is kicking in and you are feeling better! chat soon:)

Melinda said...

Love your hearts Mel, you have cute kids!! :-)

Melanie said...

Beautiful photos Mel, I know how mummy cuddles heal. Lillee is a little sick right now and just wants even more mummy cuddles.

Joyce said...

Hey you- about time you update!! How is Miss Lainey and Mr Kai and Tegan and Josh doing?

Miss you , will have to catch up when either we come down, or you come up next


Carla said...

Don't know how common a surname Millar is in Australia, but are you by any chance related to a Kristy Millar? She would have come to the States to work at a camp for the blind during the summer of 2001 or 2001 as a life guard.

If so direct her to my blog and tell her to shoot me an e-mail. I'd love to chat a bit and see how she's doing.

And tell her to vote for me while she's there, you too.