Friday, September 04, 2009

A Little Trip

A couple of weeks ago we all flew up to Sydney for a weekend. I know that we didn't catch up with family or friends as we decided to make it just family time...I know you all understand. We decided just to get away for a couple of days to relax before the stress of last week.

We had a lovely time, Sydney put on fantastic weather for us...28 degrees most days. I was a bit concerned about flying with the little ones but they both fell asleep pretty much the whole flight.

So we did Paddy's Market, Opera House, Toronga Zoo, a ferry trip around the Harbour - I must admit I was pretty impressed with get sea sick on big boats! and I went on the ferry4 times and as some people know I have a huge fear of heights and I even managed to go in the cable car to get to the Zoo...big steps for me.

The only downer to the trip was we all got gastro...on our last day we had planned to go to the Aquarium, the night before Kai had gotten sick, in the morning I felt like rubbish so we changed our flights to an earlier one, before we got on the plane Josh was sick and then by the time we got home John and Teagan were we had 24 hours of hell but thankfully it was a quick bout except for poor Kai :(

But all in all it was a lovely trip and nice to get away and spend some time all together as a family.

Anyway here are some pics


Chrissy said...

How lovely to get away then Mel, family time is really important, energises the soul I agree...

Love to you guys. :)

bon said...

so glad you got to have some quality family time together.

Melanie said...

Its wonderful that you could have that family time especially in this hard week.

Sorry you all got sick though. Gastro is the worst.

Anonymous said...

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