Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life got away from me

OK I will try and keep this updated from now on...for all those people that have told me off here is an update for you.

Well little Miss Lainey is now 11 weeks old - it has gone so quickly. She has just moved into Kai's room into her own cot, she looks so tiny in it. She was sleeping all night in our room, we are having a little bit of problems getting her to bed at night in the cot, but I am sure we will be back to all night again soon - I hope so as I need my

Kai is 13 months now and just a joy of a kid. He is so happy all the time (except when his teeth are hurting him :( ) but he is so in love with Lainey it is great, constantly giving her big sloppy kisses and cuddles.

Josh finally got to go on his camp a couple of weeks ago. His camp was in Healesville but got cancelled because of the he is happy now that he has been and he had a ball and came home with practically no voice!

Teagan is doing well also. She recently had her belated 11th party at the local skate rink. She also turned 11 since my last post...I can't believe my babies are growing up so fast :(

We also had Johns parents down for a visit to meet Lainey for the first time. We took them to the Zoo and everyone had a ball. I think Kai was still a little young to really understand it all, but if the animals were moving he was fascinated with them.

OK so I have done some scrapping...

This one was the monthly sketch at Bon's last month

This was using the boys kit from Bons last month

and this was using the girls kit from Bon's last moth.OK I will do a photo post later, I am off for lunch and then out for dinner ( a late Mothers Dinner with my family)

Bye, thanks for stopping by and please say Hello :)


Melanie said...

11 weeks already. Why can't the time stand still???

Your layouts are beautiful Mel, its good to see you scrapping again sweetie.

Im glad that Josh had a wonderful time at the camp and Im sure Teagan loved her birthday party too.

Chrissy said...

Ohhhh Mel! She can't be 11 weeks already??!! Wow. Your post just touched my heart, reminds me of our 12 month old Nicholas and how much he adored his sister when she came along even though he was still such a bub himself. Your little blessings sound so loved. :)

Chrissy x

Joyce said...

Gorgeous pages Mel, great to see you scrapping again!

The kids are gorgeous- you will have to post some pics of your puppies too! Hows all the house stuff going?

llq said...

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