Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Run

Bib Event Surname First Name Gender Result
6729 14.14KM Percy Steven M 01:06.14

Firstly a BIG THANK YOU to all the people that donated and sponsored Steven this year - we raised an amazing $1000.00.

Steven isn't overly happy with his time this year and hopes to better it next year, but he was a bit stressed before the race. There was a big muck up with phone companies changing times on mobiles for daylight saving when daylight savings hadn't finished here in Melbourne. Steven's phone was one of them and he had to do a mad dash to get to the race on time and didn't have time to prepare properly as he got there about 10 minutes late and just had to run.

Of course we all think that he did extremely well - I could never run 14km and certainly not in just over an hour! we are all very proud of him...add to that that he hurt his knee training a week before the race and still did the time he did personally I think that it is fantastic.

I will try later to get a photo off the RCH website and post it here.

Again THANK YOU everyone for your support.


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Melanie said...

Well done to Steven, he has an amazing heart.

John said...

Steven ROCKS

Enough said


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