Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wedding, The House, Bub..well everything

Well since my last post we have been very busy.

John has been away alot on business, so it has been me and the kiddies and well Mum and Dad...lol. Thankfully this month I have asked John not to travel as much (well at all) as well we were hoping that we would be moving around this time and with Bub due in 3 weeks I didn't want to risk him being over in Perth and not making it back...just in case.

So what else...Sally and Kevin got married on 23rd Feb...it turned out to be a beautiful day, as it had rained for a couple of days before. Sal looked absolutely stunning as did everyone. It was a bit sad as I was meant to be one of the bridesmaids, but pulled out when I found out I was pregnant and due a month after the wedding. Still I had a fantastic time, the Wedding and Reception was held at a beautiful place and the night we fun. Being the designated driver it was a fun drive home with varying degrees of drunks in the car...lol...John being the worst...lol

The Bride and Groom

Here is a pick of Sal and I.

The House...what can I say - I am so over it and the muck ups and delays. I really don't even like going out to see it at the moment, as nothing seems to be happening. We get told a time line and then someone doesn't turn up or finish what they are meant to and this puts everyone back. So we still have no set move in date. We were really hoping to be moved into beofore bub arrived, but it looks like I will be bringing it back here and moving sometime after that...grrr

BUB - well I have 3 weeks to go..I can't believe it, well less if I can help it...lol. I am having an Ultrasound tomorrow to check size, position etc, as I really don't want to have to go through a Teagan birth again and then next Wednesday I see my Ob and he decides if I can be induced a little early. I am very excited about meeting this little one, but also scared stiff. I know that the chances of what happened to Rani happening again are very slim, but I am still scared about everything else that can go wrong. I really hope that I don't become to over-protective with this one, that I am just able to enjoy having another little bub. I am sure once I see this baby I will just melt, but it is going to be very hard and very emotional not having Rani with us to enjoy her new little brother or sister.

Oh yeah!

I actually scrapped, I am in shock that it is the first pages that I have done all year...naughty, naughty.

I did 3 pages that were all for Bon's CC and then to my shock when I was on the forum today I saw that my LO 'Hanging Out' won for Fran's Sketch Challenge. What a thrill and boost to keep me scrapping.

Bon's Challenge

Fran's Challenge

Sheree's Challenge


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are looking absolutely gorgeous Mel, counting down the days from WA with you, and looking forward to seeing then new member of your family.

Hugs to you, I understand the way you are feeling after everything that has happened and if you ever need to talk you know where I am,

FIngers crossed the house will be ready before bubs, would make things better!

Take care and put your feet up

connie said...

Hi Mel..

you look FANTASTIC!!!.. gald to hear all is well.. i ahve been popping by waiting for a update..

Bummer about the house not ready YET!!.. builders what can i say!!!

keep in touch..


NicholegCrosbie said...

Hi Mel,

All your friends are right, you look FANTASTIC, when i was at your stage i blew up like a balloon!
I'm so humbled that one if your first scraps for the year was of our family...awwwww
I messaged John to ask how you are but got no reply, so i hope you are well!
Love Nichole

Chrissy said...

3 weeks!!! How on earth did time fly THAT fast? Thinking of you and your precious little one, I know all will be just fine honey. I soooo can't wait to hear that he/she is here!!! :-)

God bless you darl
Love Chrissy x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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