Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Needles, Needles, Needles

This bub is certainly making sure that it is well and truly my last

Last week I had an OB appointment and also my Glucose Test and my first physio appointment...the poor kiddies had to come with me, they were pretty good considering we were at the Ob's office for over 2 hours.

Thankfully Pathology and the Physio are all in the same building.

So I drank the horrible drink - the timer was set for an hour - saw my Ob...everything is fine with Bub...waited the rest of the time for my blood test (which I still have a huge bruise from) and then went to see the Physio for my unstable some exercises to do and she was ordering a brace for me.

Thinking all would be fine...same as the last 3 times I have done the test, I was suprised when my mobile rang the following night at 9pm to have my Ob on the other end telling me that my sugar had come back high and I needed to do the longer Gestational Diabetes test...Yay NOT!!!

So exactly a week since my last test I was back at the Ob's to see Pathology for the 2 hour test...thankfully this time the kiddies were going to the Movies with Mum. As I had to fast I was there at 8.45am...1st needle to see what my sugar levels are before the drink...then again drink the horrible drink and sit and wait for an hour...second needle after an hour, then back to the waiting room to sit for another hour and finally 2 hours after the drink my final needle for the day.

So all up 3 needles today, thnakfully I am not needles I have to see my GP as my Ob is away for the results and will find out on Monday - I am really hoping that it comes back fine and that I don't have GD.

At least while I was waiting the Physio got my brace delivered and I was able to get the fitted, so hopefully that will help with some of the pain.

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Chrissy said...

Oh Mel I sooooo hate needles, I'm pretty phobic about it so you did VERY well sweetie!

Sending prayers the GD test comes back ok too love.

Chrissy x