Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Lets see I have done heaps since my last

I am trying to get everything organised for Christmas early, as I really am not looking forward to fighting with other shoppers with my

So lets see,

we have booked our accomodation for QLD (just have to book accom for the way home)
I have bought all the Chrissy presents for my nieces and nephews
booked a night away for my birthday
bought my birthday present
put a pram on lay-by for bubba
almost got the kiddies organised for Christmas and birthday presents
and the list goes

Also it was great having the lovely long weekend for Cup Day, the kiddies had Monday off school, so it was a lovely relaxing time. It was also fantastic to catch up with my 2 best friends as well.

The kiddies had their twilight sports on Friday and the weather was beautiful for it. I will have to upload some photos later.

Oh yeah and somewhere inbetween all that John started another new job!

On the house front, hopefully it will start next week. On Wednesday the team for our house will be organising everything, so fingers crossed Monday they will start cutting the block. We just want it finished and to move...i really am not looking forward to moving while 8 months + pregnant, thankfully most of our stuff is still in boxes and stored away...but there is still the unpacking day!

and inbetween that I have found some time to scrap are some LO's that I did for Bons CC last week.


jacqui jones said...

its amazing just how much help is offered when your that pregnant
we moved here and i had 6 weeks to go to have emily....loads of help that i quickly jumped on!!! i had her 2 weeks later!!

shane said...

hi mel

i just wanted to post a comment to thank you for sharing your very personal story of your beautiful daughter. i have always advocated organ donation and my husband knew of my wishes but since stumbling on your blog and reading it from beginning to end (sometimes while sobbing into a handful of tissues) i have made it a point to within my family and friends (and sometimes complete strangers) to bring this 'taboo' subject out into the open and get people thinking and talking. so far 6 of my family and friends have joined the organ donation registry thanks to a link i found on your blog...

good luck to you and your family with the all your upcoming adventures...


Anonymous said...

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